A four-piece band from Brighton (England).

12 Stone Toddler's new album - Idiolalia - Now available on Freshly Squeezed Music

Listen and download: https://bit.ly/2IGAMmf
Please go to our brand new website - access it here: http://www.12stonetoddler.net


A double-vinyl, back-to-back re-issue of their first two albums; 'Does It Scare You?' (2007) and 'Scheming' (2009) are available now from Amazon Records

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Utterly original”  

 The Latest   

“Magnificently louche”
   The Guardian   

“Brimming full of innovative ideas... comparisons with other artists merely highlight the shortcomings of stylistic labelling. This is organic music that refuses to be bound by genre.”
   Get Ready To Rock   


“A melting pot of inventive musicianship, dark twisted lyrics and sophisticated production”
   Latest 7   

“Delightfully twisted”

“Brilliant. All catches, hooks, sonic references and cynicism with a smile. This is the past and future of rock ’n roll; make it the present." 

“Truly stunning”
   Music News